Get 8x the Speed & Efficiency When Upgrading Xstore

Say goodbye to upgrades that can cost up to 30% of the original investment… Take years to complete, and require retailers to revamp their technology infrastructures and business practices. Xdeploy automates the process of upgrades.

Fully Automate the Task of Upgrades

Get off the upgrade treadmill, spend more time on your core business and less time on upgrades

Deploy Oracle Xstore up to 88% Faster

Deploy with the speed of automation and release quality, with no need for additional head-count

Eliminate Human Error and Deliver Quality

Xdeploy manages configurations and provides a single console for all automation and administration tasks.

Didn’t We Just Pay Millions of Dollars for This!?

CIOs are sometimes shocked when they look under the hood of major software upgrades from enterprise software vendors, and see that they’re facing overhauls, not tune-ups. Xdeploy helps CIO’s reduce the burden when vendors mandate upgrades.

Dramatically Reduce Workload On Xstore Upgrades

RedIron created Xdeploy to help retailers. Use Xdeploy to rollout, upgrade and configure Oracle’s Retail Xstore in 1/3 of the time it would take using traditional methods and take advantage of Xdeploy’s ability to self-monitor and proactively resolve issues.

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You Shouldn’t Have to Start an Upgrade as Soon as You Finish One

Support end-dates are like a ticking time bomb for Retailers. Customers demand new functionality, and vendors can’t afford to support multiple versions of their software. CIO’s just aren’t getting enough time to complete one upgrade before their vendors push for the next.

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