Save the Sale – A Retail Commerce Solution

Let’s pretend that a customer walks into one of your store locations with her heart set on adding to her wardrobe.

She searches through the racks and finds a pair of capris pants in sky blue that fit her perfectly. Then she notices another pair in pink pearl, a color that she absolutely loves. But it’s not available in her size.

When she gets to the checkout, your store associate asks if she found everything she was looking for. The customer explains that she also wanted the same pants in pink pearl, but they seem to be out of stock.

Wouldn’t it be great if your store associate could save this sale?

Wouldn’t it be great if she could tell the customer that a pair of pink pearl capris pants in her size was available in your warehouse and that she could purchase them in-store now and have them delivered directly to her home the next day?

Not only would you be doubling your revenue on this transaction, but you would also be enhancing your customer’s shopping experience and her perception of your brand.

At RedIron, we can make this a reality using our proprietary RI Broker SOA middleware platform together with our Save-The-Sale Fast Start App.

Here’s how it works …

RI Broker allows your POS system to communicate with your e-Commerce system, so that your cashier can check from whatever POS device she is using (either at the cash wrap or via a mobile checkout device like an iPad), what items are in stock and available from your online store.

Our Save-The-Sale App dynamically creates a web order and prompts for all the customer data required to complete the online fulfillment from your warehouse: name, shipping address, etc. It also governs what payment tenders you want to make available in order to comply with the rules for online fulfillment (i.e. customers not billed until the item ships).

RI Broker uses a modular approach to integration which enables our Save-The-Sale App to be added with plug-and-play ease. Since there is no hardcoding involved, there is no risk of disruption to your IT architecture.


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