About Us

A technology company focused on transformative innovations in retail. Since 2000, we’ve helped countless retailers achieve their unique business objectives.

From the very start, we’ve been focused on retail

20 years ago, we dedicated ourselves to helping retailers achieve their business objectives. At RedIron, we realize that in order to remain competitive in today’s retail environment, it is imperative that retailers continuously improve the experience of their customers.

RedIron is uniquely equipped to recognize and understand a retailer’s pain points, and deliver on their business objectives and goals. Working with RedIron, retailers benefit from years of experience, smart project processes, and technological solutions that streamline profitability and deliver a modern customer experience.

We’ve been working with Retailers for over 20 years. We know our way around. In choosing RedIron you get experienced, passionate and dedicated professionals working with you to find the best solutions for your business needs. There’s no project too small or complex. At RedIron we’re dedicated to achieving your business objectives

Don’t let it take a major “fire” – bloated IT budgets that can no longer be met, developer mutiny, or an update to a single part of your infrastructure that causes other components to fail – be the reason for change to your infrastructure. Let’s work together to set you on a path that can enable the functionality you need right now, while still taking into consideration future customer experiences.

Our Retail Integration Broker technology optimizes your systems for each element of the customer experience. Exchanging your current infrastructure for a more adaptable eco-system strategy. You can remove or add elements in and quickly configure them.

We believe that while great technology is paramount to helping retailers achieve their goals, alone it isn’t enough. RedIron brings together an outcomes-driven methodology, assets, and services to ensure every requirement is met with accuracy and quality. Helping retailers get their projects over the goal line 100% of the time.

Our Approach

At RedIron, we set you down a path that enables quick wins without missteps. We address the pain points challenging you right now, while still taking into consideration future customer experiences. Providing time and opportunities for retailers.


Get the functionality you need right now to satisfy your customers

Lower cost than rip and replace

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Add new systems or replace old ones entirely

Lower risk than custom integrations

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Adapt your infrastructure for easier integration in the future

A better path to improve the customer experience

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Our History

Since our founding in 2000, RedIron has been tuned into the unique challenges and opportunities that retailers face. From our beginning as a partner of Triversity for infrastructure and implementation services, we knew the key to success for retailers was pairing the right technologies to the right business objectives.

When Triversity was acquired by SAP in 2006 suddenly our services were extended into some of the largest retailers in North America and as a relatively new player in the space, suddenly we found ourselves going head-to-head against the largest players.

We’ve built a strong reputation in retail over the years by delivering cost-effective solutions and achieving better results for our retailers.