Find and Fix
Issues in Real Time

Achieve total visibility into your selling platform’s performance. Establish a baseline, capture trends, and address root causes—before they impact customer experience

Improve Productivity

by removing blind spots, resolving issues before they happen, and reducing number of incidents

Protect Your Bottom Line

with fewer crashes, faster response time, and less down time, especially in peak periods

Navigate Retail Changes

spot trends and adapt to changes with more control, insight into potential issues

Delight Your Customers

increase retention and satisfaction and consistently deliver a modern customer experience


A Selling Platform Operating at Peak Performance Requires Total Visibility

After all, you can’t fix what you can’t see. So why are you still

Dealing With Lost Revenue, Customers, Employees Due to Poor Platform Performance, Unexpected Crashes, and Downtime, Especially During Peak Periods

Wasting Days, Even Weeks Reacting and Responding to Disasters, Taking You Away From Other Responsibilities

Facing Outages, Frustrated Customers and Employees + Eroding Productivity, Brand Reputation, and Customer Loyalty

It’s impossible to consistently deliver a modern customer experience when you don’t even know if there are issues, let alone what’s causing them or how to fix them.

This Isn’t Another One-Size-Fits-All Monitoring Tool. This Is Total Control and Visibility Into the Entire Tech Stack Across All of Your Stores, so You Can Recognize Patterns and Stop Incidents Before They Happen

You Should Be Able to Find and Fix Issues Instantly at Platform Level

before they impact your customer experience

We understand what it’s like to be accountable for your selling platform’s performance in a dynamic, multi-store retail environment. POS crashes are happening, associates are grumbling, and your “data” isn’t telling you anything.

After 20+ years and over 1,300 successful projects helping retailers build more connected store systems, we knew we needed better visibility to enable our clients to solve problems at platform level.

So we developed X-Ray

ENTERPRISE X-RAY Is Your Scaleable, Flexible Retail Monitoring Solution

Our managed service captures events across your entire multilayered retail ecosystem and monitors them so you can find, diagnose, and prevent system failures. Achieve total visibility of data across systems, devices, networks, and applications without altering your existing infrastructure

Go Beyond Pretty Red, Green, and Yellow Charts and Get Real Insights You Can Act On


of customers implement X-Ray chain wide


of our retailers are still running X-Ray after three years


discovered issues more pervasive than initially anticipated

“With hundreds of registers crashing daily, our associates were unable to deliver the high level of service our customers expected. After working with the RedIron team to implement X-Ray, we uncovered and fixed the underlying issues, the billing and checkout processes worked like clockwork, and lanes moved ahead smoothly. Fully restoring service strengthened our customers’ faith in our ability to deliver a top-tier shopping experience for them. We’ve since installed X-Ray across all of our stores”
VP - Store Systems, 521 Store Retailer

What Can You Do With X-Ray?

Track software versions and hardware configurations from every node across your entire network of stores.

Reduce timeouts and false positives. Flag and address anomalous transactions and performance.

Keep customers and associates happy by monitoring, addressing, and eliminating point-of-sale crashes.

Ensure your vendors are meeting your agreed-to performance and service quality standards.

90 Days Free, See What You Can Uncover At Platform Level, Before It Impacts Your Stores

Deploy X-Ray for free* before committing to a full implementation. If it doesn’t work for you, there’s no obligation to buy
Here’s how it works:
Deploy X-Ray for free* before committing to a full implementation. If it doesn’t work for you, there’s no obligation to buy

We Understand the Pain of a Crisis That’s Driving Your Customers Away

Our team of experts has years of experience managing complex retail environments and has seen firsthand the havoc unstable systems can cause
  • “RedIron's processes and project management expertise was integral to the success of our EMV upgrade project. They made it very simple for us to find, track and resolve any critical issues during implementation which led to a seamless and successful roll-out. We are excited to be working on additional integration projects with them”
    Julie Ting - VP, Information Technology
  • “We appreciate working with the RedIron team. Our first project, Save the Sale, wouldn’t have been a success without their commitment and expertise. Their team made it simple for us to be able to access real-time inventory across our network of stores. We’ve since done multiple projects with RedIron and we are very pleased”
    Ed Mattson - Senior Manager – Technology & Innovation

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