Implementing Private Label Credit Cards

Offering your retail customers a Private Label Credit Card (PLCC) is a proven method for building your brand awareness, generating loyalty and increasing sales.

Retailers who already offer a PLCC program have found that customers using their branded cards are more engaged with their store. They are more likely to read the advertisements and shop in-store or online more frequently than customers who carry a bank-branded card or pay with cash.

The ideal implementation solution if you are considering offering a Private Label Credit Card to your customers, is to provide:

  • A way of prompting them to apply at the start of the checkout process

  • The ability to offer an incentive for applying, like a discount on the current transaction

  • A means for them to complete the application process via the POS terminal

  • The ability to collect loyalty rewards every time they use the card

  • A way of redeeming those loyalty rewards on future purchases

If your current POS system does not have the functionality to offer a PLCC program already built-in, RedIron has developed a simple solution. It’s a Fast-Start App that we call 2Authorize.

Our 2Authorize App is designed as a stand-alone module. We create a configuration file within that stand-alone module where you can simply set up all the prompts required to be sent to the POS terminal during the entire PLCC application process at checkout.

The configuration file can also be used to enable or disable the entire module or individual components within it. This control over the functionality provides retailers with complete flexibility to plan, test, and execute a phased approach to rolling out their PLCC program, either on a store-by-store basis or region-by-region basis.

Integrating our 2Authorize module to your POS can be done with plug-and-play ease using our proprietary SOA layer called RI Broker. RI Broker handles the communication between 2Authorize and your POS and your back end so that information collected at POS can update the customer database.

If you ever need to replace your POS platform, or change your PLCC system, the modular integration approach made possible by the use of RI Broker and our 2Authorize App, make it simple to unplug from the old and plug into the new without any disruption to the rest of your system architecture because there is no hardcoding involved.

To learn more about how RedIron’s RI Broker can simplify integrations like 2Authorize, click here to download a complimentary copy of our white paper, “Plug & play integration for the retail ecosystem”.


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