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Technology is playing an increasing role in the retail business. From customer relationship management programs to loyalty programs to eCommerce needs, retail businesses are relying more and more on information technology to meet their needs. Recently, retail companies have had to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis by offering more IoT options to their customers.

This trend is not about to disappear even as the COVID challenges continue.

According to Forbes, retail technology continues to skyrocket as new innovations become available every day. Retailers add new technology systems as they appear because they help them in their business. They now face the dilemma of getting these platforms to communicate with each other.

RedIron has the answer to this dilemma.

What Does RedIron Do?

RedIron is a systems integrator for retailers with a product called RI Broker. Broker enables communication between all the different retail software programs you need for your business. These retail software services need to share information between themselves. That’s where RedIron steps in and translates the information to enable communication.

Even as you upgrade, switch out, or add new software programs to help you better serve your customers, RedIron adapts and modifies to keep the lines of communication open. You now have a linked ecosystem of devices, applications, programs, and data that keep the supply chain moving smoothly and keep you informed every step of the way.

What Are the Benefits of Working with RedIron?

As an operator of a medium to large retail business, you know how much technology adds to your efficiency. Using a CRM helps you know your customer and interact more knowledgeably, allowing for online ordering keeps your business going even during lockdowns, and having a real-time inventory management platform keeps you up-to-date on what needs to be put on sale or restocked. These are just a few of the many technologies you call upon.

Keeping track of all this information is often bewildering and overwhelming. RedIron can help.

Integration of Information

RedIron’s Broker technology is platform agnostic. No matter which platforms you are running in your business, RedIron recognizes them and allows for complete systems integration. This allows each program to operate independently while transmitting required data from one platform to the other.

Your retail business may have a loyalty program. This program needs to function at the point of sale (POS) and for eCommerce orders including online and mobile application orders.

As orders come in, updates go to your real-time inventory, your orders get shipped out or sold in the brick-and-mortar stores. With the help of RedIron, you can see when inventory that is not moving needs promoting through advertising. You can also use your CRM to advertise a sale.

When your real-time inventory platform informs you that a product needs ordering, you can restock with a simple click of a button.

All these operations of a retail establishment need to communicate to each other for the efficient functioning of the business. RedIron takes care of that.


RedIron takes technical debt to new lows. It’s no longer a complex task to switch out platforms. It costs so much less to add new payment solutions at your POS or upgrade your PCI security.

With RedIron, you will no longer have to struggle with legacy modernization. As you upgrade your systems from the mainframe-based legacy application to complete cloud migration, you benefit from RedIron’s plug-and-play capacity.

The reason for the increased ease and the decreased cost is the total cloud migration of data. You can add a new mobile POS through a mobile app on an android device or an iPad. You can accept point of sale payments from any location using almost every major payment app or provider and so many more services that increase your customer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

In a survey by the Customer Experience Consultancy, they wanted to know what are the most important things to us as consumers. The responses were ranked as follows:

  1. Value for money, competitiveness
  2. Customer service
  3. Keeping promises, being reliable
  4. Quality
  5. Ease of doing business

How can RedIron help deliver what the customer wants?

Value For Money

You know your customer because you’ve connected your CRM to your Rediron platform which is connected to your inventory. You know what can be discounted and what is in high demand. You keep your customer informed of rebates and sales so they can take advantage of them.

Customer Service

If your customer calls, you know who they are at a click of a key. If they want to return an item, you can do it quickly because your reverse inventory system is closely linked.

During a transaction, you make sure there are no line-ups in the store by having a mobile point of sale as required. If your customer has an inventory query, a price query, or a service query, you can access that information from any terminal in the store.

All transactions are quick and efficient, functioning at three times the speed. This applies especially to online shopping since your inventory picking system is seamlessly integrated with your inventory management and shipping protocols. These are closely linked to the online ordering or mobile ordering system.


Information about what your customer wants doesn’t get lost in translation from one platform to another. The transfer is seamless and the communication is secure. Your customer can trust that what they need will be provided in the shortest possible time.


When it comes to service quality, your performance is top-notch. There are no customers leaving the store frustrated because you are unable to locate an item that your online system says you have in your inventory. No customers walk out of your brick-and-mortar store because the queue at the check-out is excessively long.

Ease of Doing Business

With RedIron, your POS is integrated with nearly every major payment application and allows chip and pin technology. You can also accept debit, credit cards, EFT, and gift cards. All these options are closely linked with your rewards system.

Retail commerce with RedIron simplifies the management of all orders that are shipped to customers. Orders can be edited, refunded, or replaced.

Your customer can request curbside pickup, place orders from the store or from home, have orders shipped to the address of their choice. All these services work seamlessly together to give your customer the best possible retail experience.

Simplify and Integrate

Retail technology is a growing industry because it makes the business of doing business so much easier. From a bewildering array of applications and platforms you have to deal with daily, you can bring them all together with RedIron.

Simplify your business by contacting RedIron and we’ll help you streamline your customer platforms into one big, efficiently functioning ecosystem. Contact us today!


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