Shoppers Now Expect E-Receipt Option at Checkout

Since Apple began issuing e-Receipts in their retail locations, more and more shoppers across all retail segments have come to expect this to be the norm.

Shoppers really like that a digital version of their receipt can be sent to them via email. If they ever want to make an exchange or return, they no longer have to worry about saving paper receipts and searching to find them. They can go to the store and simply show an e-Receipt from their smart phone instead. It’s a convenience that truly enhances their shopping experience, and any retailer who doesn’t offer it yet, is risking competitive disadvantage.

For retailers, e-Receipts also provide a significant marketing opportunity. At the same time a sales associate is collecting an email address to issue a digital receipt, they can also prompt the customer to opt-in to receive promotional offers via email, announcing special deals or new product arrivals.

At RedIron, we make the process of implementing a digital receipts solution quick and simple using one of our Fast-Start Apps called e-Receipts. It’s a turnkey solution that works in any size retail operation.

To enhance your marketing opportunities, our e-Receipts App permits you to include custom backgrounds and branding on each digital receipt you issue. Plus, it integrates automatically with common email marketing platforms, like aWeber, Mail Chimp, and Responsys.

You can also include a bar code on each customer’s digital receipt that can be scanned directly from his or her smartphone to initiate an exchange or refund transaction.

Implementation is nonintrusive because we use our proprietary SOA middleware layer called RI Broker to communicate between your POS register and your receipt printer. RI Broker intercepts the data being sent to the printer and feeds it to our e-Receipts App so that an exact duplicate of that physical receipt can be emailed to your customer.

To learn more about how RedIron’s RI Broker can simplify integrations like e-Receipts, click here to download a complimentary copy of our whitepaper, “Plug & play integration for the retail ecosystem”.


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