How Zurchers Continues to Drive Growth Moving to AWS Using RedIron

Imagine addressing the challenges of the supply chain and rapidly changing consumer demands, all the while facing uncertainty around whether the life-cycle of your core merchandising, store operations, and point-of-sale systems will continue to be maintained and supported by your vendors.

That’s the situation family-owned brand Zurchers, a party, wedding, and costume supplier found themselves in when Salesforce acquired Demandware in 2016 and announced that they’d be sunsetting Tomax’s solution.

Zurchers was left with a difficult decision to make. Find a suitable replacement sooner than expected or find a partner that could help them migrate the entirety of the Point-of-sale, Back-office, and reporting functions of their suite to a new host and to find a Partner with the ability to provide support.

Choosing to migrate their store systems to a new platform, Zurchers knew that scalability, flexibility, and cost savings would be important priorities when selecting a host and a partner to work with. That’s why they selected AWS as their new host and RedIron¬†as the partner to help them get there.

Improved ROI with new business agility

The deployment on the Amazon Web Services Platform is now live for Zurchers North American operations. In addition to POS, RedIron also migrated the core merchandising, store operations, point-of-sale portals, workflow, and activity management solutions.

Though the move to the new environment is still fresh, Zurchers is already seeing improvements towards greater agility with AWS. For instance, AWS makes it quick and easy to adjust the technical operating environment. If a team wants to start performing a new resource-heavy analysis, Zurchers can expand the capacity to meet demands within minutes. The team can also roll back capacity so that they are only using the resources they need.

This new agile approach took the pressure off the IT team, They now didn’t need to rush a replacement POS into place risking disruption and added cost, and found improved ROI on their current technology investments, and new flexibility with implementations for future infrastructure.

To learn more about Zurcher’s deployment of on AWS or to learn more about RedIron’s capabilities with AWS or customers, contact us.


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