eBook: Why Everything Takes So Long In Retail

Why does everything take so long in retail? Futuristic concepts have been so hyped through the media, and the technology for many of them exists already, so why aren’t they in-store yet?

There’s no debate about the fact that no retailer will remain strictly physical — a digital transformation is inevitable for anyone who wants to stay competitive. Customer expectations are dictating the inclusion of certain digital features and the use of technology and data in devising compelling new experiences. With all of that in mind, there’s only one question left — why does innovation at the store level take so long, when eCommerce is so quick?

What’s Inside:
  • Why retailers are traditionally slow to innovate

  • Does innovation exist in retail?

  • Getting over the fear of failure

  • A case for changing the leadership culture

  • The eCommerce Advantage

  • What in-store can learn from eCommerce



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