Faster Upgrades of Oracle Xstore with RedIron’s Xdeploy

Fast-paced innovation has ushered in a new age of digital demands imposed on all organizations — including the retail sector. Both customers and employers are looking for more ease-of-use and interconnected experiences across all channels — putting enormous pressure on retailers to meet the challenges of going digital head-on. Unfortunately, integration problems derail or halt more than 80% of all digital transformations.

Luckily, the latest release of Xstore by Oracle Retail empowers retailers like never before — allowing them to seamlessly carry out their daily work across all channels, while also providing consumers with more mobility and flexibility.

And that’s crucial, seeing as the average consumer is expecting a converged and fully integrated commerce experience more and more. While half of customers still prefer buying goods in-store, this fact doesn’t mean retailers can afford to rest on their laurels. Shopping convenience is always the number one concern for shoppers, and the goalposts for that metric are constantly moving.

These days, they want their brick-and-mortar shopping experiences to be swift and seamless — which is only possible with smart, easily accessible inventories and connected associates that are always available to help.

Oracle Retail has this in mind, as they’ve helped retail brands deliver on this promise by continually evolving their Oracle hardware and Xstore POS systems.

Unfortunately, keeping pace with these updates is easier said than done from a retailer’s perspective. Any significant tech upgrade is a daunting proposition, taking up a lot of resources for planning and execution. Not only does it usually take millions of dollars and years to be completed — but it also keeps company resources away from other important initiatives.

Luckily, with RedIron’s Xdeploy, Oracle Xstore upgrades can be far more seamless and faster. RedIron can vastly improve your Oracle integration strategy by seamlessly and efficiently integrating data — whether legacy, on-premises, or cutting-edge.

Effortless and Fast Oracle Data Integration

With end-to-end connectivity, RedIron simplifies Oracle data integration — which means far less complexity and cost. You can forget about the feeling of utter dismay when you realize what’s under the hood of a major Oracle Xstore upgrade.

RedIron can help you connect Xstore to any custom, new, or legacy technology. You’ll get the functionality you actually need right away by effectively leveraging your current systems through RedIron.

And most importantly — you’ll be able to finally get off that pesky update treadmill that constantly sees you in the middle of change. An Oracle Xstore upgrade can seem harmless at first, but in the long run, keeping up with the upgrades is tough; at least without RedIron’s Xdeploy.

Our Xdeploy product can immensely reduce your cost and the time necessary to upgrade POS systems.

Automated Testing

With our automated test suite, you can forget about spending countless hours on manual testing and bug-hunting — instead, you’ll be able to spend that time crafting the experience your customers will appreciate.

Speed and Efficiency

Xdeploy completely automates the upgrade process for Oracle Xstore — allowing you to say goodbye to overlong and costly upgrades that end up being 30% of your original investment and take years to be complete. You won’t have to revamp your business practices and technology infrastructures — Xdeploy is there to do it for you.

This automation allows you to jump off the repetitive upgrade treadmill and dedicate more time and resources to your core business and less on upgrades. You’ll be able to deploy the new version of Oracle Xstore up to 88% quicker, with no loss in release quality.

Plus, the fact that Xdeploy manages all configurations and comes with a single console for all administration and automation tasks means the element of human error won’t be as significant.

Stop Worrying About Costly Upgrades

CIOs are often stunned at what major software upgrades from enterprise vendors entail — they often have to deal with costly complete overhauls instead of more manageable tuneups. However, Xdeploy is there to relieve you of that burden once your Oracle mandates an upgrade.

Your workload on Xstore upgrades will be dramatically lower, as Xdeploy reduces the time to roll out, configure, and upgrade Xstore to a third of the time you’d need with traditional upgrade methods. Xdeploy can self-monitor and proactively jump in front of issues for ultimate ease of use and flexibility.

You won’t have to view support end-dates for Oracle Xstore as a ticking time bomb. Instead, you’ll be able to give your customers the new functionalities they’re demanding without paying millions of dollars and creating annoying bottlenecks.


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